ASO ( App Store Optimization Course )

ASO is the optimization of mobile apps so as to make it visible on the app store or Google search. It is similar to the concept of SEO. As SEO is for optimizing the website on search engines, ASO is the technique to optimize the apps on both Android as well as iOS.

In the complete app marketing course in Amritsar Digital Academy, you will learn how to get traffic on mobile apps and how to rank them on the iOS app store or Google play store. Want to be the first on users search list in this competitive era of smartphone apps? Then join for the professional App Store Optimization course in Amritsar with AD Academy and reach your career goal.

Course Name: ASO (App Store Optimization Course)

Duration: 45 Days / Six Weeks / Three Months Industrial Training in Digital Marketing.

Get Awarded with 6 Certificates that are Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console/Webmaster, etc


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Mobile apps are one of the biggest digital marketing platforms. Many people use apps for shopping, payments and other online things. People used to develop the sites that are most visible and famous. So making the interest of people is the first important factor. This is an assured career making field for growth in digital marketing sector.

What you will learn in your ASO ( app marketing course ) in Amritsar

  1. Introduction to ASO.
  2. App development tools.
  3. Technical knowledge about App marketing.
  4. App store optimization techniques.
  5. Working on live projects.
  6. Quality certified by ADA.

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  • 5+ Experienced Trainers
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  • 6 Certifications (Google Ads/ Google Analytics etc)
  • 100% Practical Training + Live Projects
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  • 100% Assured Job Assistance
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