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Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money by promoting other’s products. It is the process of getting a commission from the business owners whose product you are promoting. He will pay commission for each sale of his products with your reference. Our experts provide the knowledge to set skills in the field of affiliate marketing. In this affiliate marketing course, Learn the basics of affiliate marketing, upsides and downsides of this business, and the most important mental frameworks to succeed as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a good method to make money as it can be done freelance and you just have to refer the products for selling and earning money. AD Academy is a leading Institute to get trained in affiliate marketing. This affiliate marketing training course will definitely save you a lot of time, avoidance of unnecessary mistakes, or false strategies that slow you down. However, there's no such thing as easy money. Hard work is necessary to generate a substantial passive income from affiliate marketing.

Course Name: Affiliate Marketing Course

Duration: 45 Days / Six Weeks / Three Months Industrial Training in Digital Marketing.

Get Awarded with 6 Certificates that are Google Ads, Google Analytics, Search Console/Webmaster, etc


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Course Syllabus:

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing and how it works?
  2. Platforms of Affiliate Marketing.
  3. Types of Affiliate marketing.
  4. Strategies for marketing.
  5. How advertise and publish?
  6. Maximize earning through promotions.
  7. Theory & Practical on live projects.

Career Guidance for Affiliate Marketing

With the increase in e-commerce websites, the competition among online businesses has also hiked. Thus, they require affiliates for promotion and sales purposes. An affiliate can work individually and earn money online. ADA, in its affiliate marketing training, teaches the techniques and strategies for increasing the commission by doing different marketing tactics. Reach the level of your marketing skills with ADA affiliate marketing course and learn how to make more and more money.

If you are looking for comprehensive affiliate marketing certification courses that allows you to learn how to locate these promising affiliate programs going on, this one right here is the best option that you must consider enrolling into.

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  • 20+ Students Trained
  • 6 Certifications (Google Ads/ Google Analytics etc)
  • 100% Practical Training + Live Projects
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  • 100% Assured Job Assistance
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